You Can Lose Up To 5 Kg In 3 Days With Potatoes & Yogurt!


The feeling of satiety is achieved when the potato starch starts swelling in our stomach. Remember that you need to eat only baked potatoes and not French fries. In potatoes there is a high content of fiber which will also speed up the metabolism and that will help to lose weight fast.

100 g potato contains only 75 calories,which is less then a glass of orange juice.On the other hand,yogurt regulates the digestive system,which removes excess fluids,toxins and other harmful substances from your body.


On the first day for breakfast

you need to eat one boiled potato (without salt) and to drink 1 glass of yogurt. For lunch you will need to eat two boiled potatoes (again without salt) and again 1 glass of yogurt. And for dinner you should only drink two glasses of yogurt.