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Woman Uses Photo Of Someone Else’s Dead Child To Make Money

Around this time the struggling mother decided she couldn’t stand seeing her son in such pain so she created a Gofundme page to raise money for better treatment. She also started a Facebook page to share with the world what her son was suffering, feeling that it would generate support and help him be less alone on his journey.


The pictures are sometimes shocking and always sad: sure enough, Braiden died in September of 2016.

Stephanie was broken after Braiden’s death. She dedicated these words to him:

“For 5 years you fought this disease with dignity and a smile on your face… you never once complained, even when you lost your legs to this horrible thing… you just said oh well, but I knew deep inside it hurt you, you tried to hide a lot of the pain from me but I’m your mummy, I knew you best and knew you was trying to protect us.”