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Travel Back in Time With These Amazing Woodstock Photos

Back In Black

Woodstock wasn’t just an opportunity for people to showcase their musical and artistic talents, it was also an excuse to rock some cool and some questionable fashion trends. This hip participant went for a sleek all black look, and although it may have been a little hot for that kind of clothing, she definitely looks on trend! Let us not forget about her carefully placed accessories, like that leather belt and those long strand necklaces. We give this look a ten!


Follow The Groovy Way

In life, there are so many roads to choose from, and here it looks like both paths led to good places. With arrows in both directions it’s only safe to presume that groovy way was a long one, probably lined with people wearing afros and bell bottom jeans jamming to disco. We imagine gentle path highway being a green grass covered trail with monks and fairies prancing around. Those people look a little con-flustered as to which road to chose, but we’re sure they chose the right one.