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Travel Back in Time With These Amazing Woodstock Photos

Help Needed

In the spirit of helping a friend in need, these two women can be seen giving medical care to participants who felt ill. Although, even with professional nurses on staff, there were still many injuries recorded during the festival. There were even, unfortunately, two deaths during the epic concert. One participant passed away from a heroin overdose and another by being run over by a tractor while sleeping. On the bright side, where there is death, there is also life, as there were two births recorded during Woodstock.


Full House

Held on a 600-acre dairy farm, Woodstock was never supposed to be that big of an event, and no one imagined that over 500,000 people would show up! A music festival of this magnitude has yet to be recreated since that magical time. For those of you who have ever wondered what it half a million people together looks like, here you go! Only 100,000 Woodstock tickets were sold before the concert meaning 400,00 just showed up without a ticket in hand. And to think this all went down on a small dairy farm.