Top 12 reasons older men go for younger women

#9 Being in charge

The older man, when compared to a younger woman, is much more experienced and authoritative. Dating a younger woman, usually, puts him in a place of power where he dictates the terms. It’s what he likes that defines the relationship and it’s his wishes that tend to overwhelm the affair. Given such a position, an older man may easily get tempted to pursue a much younger woman.

#10 Feeds into the ego

An older man who dates much younger women and does so publicly may also be looking at the social image which the relationship creates. While a lot of us may cringe privately, to them it is a power game. To have a young woman by their arms in front of their social circle gives them an ego trip which is irresistible to them. Also, the younger woman may feel like pleasing the man which boots his ego, justifying the affair perfectly, for him.

#11 Low rejection rates

Younger women, not all, do prefer slightly older men. Some of these men may be in a position of power or authority which is irresistible to the women and hence the rejection rates come down drastically. Compared to elder women, they may not hurt his ego to that extent as he may not even be that emotionally attached. Hence, the attraction becomes stronger.

#12 Adventure

Older men may have had a lot of experience but the thought of another adventure could impel them to act in weird ways. With younger women, he could have experiences which he may not with the older ones. This hope of adventure attracts them and they love being with younger women who could show them a good time.