Top 12 reasons older men go for younger women

How often have we seen older men dating women much younger to them? How often have we thought about it and even cringed, at times, at the very thought? Though not illegal, it still isn’t something which is universally accepted but does occur all the time. The fact, however, is that all around the world, older men do prefer dating younger women and there are actual reasons behind their behavior.

#1 For the stamina

There is no doubt that compared to women who are older, younger women have more stamina and could go on for longer periods of time. Also, they do not suffer from age-related ailments like joint pains, body aches etc. which affect older women and disrupts sex. Harsh, as it may sound, younger women do have these advantages which attract men to have an affair with them.

#2 Mid-life crisis

Men who may feel insecure about their position in life, society and their careers do tend to look for validation through dating younger women. Compared to them, it gives them a feeling of accomplishment which they might not enjoy when compared to women their age. The affirmative factor associated with dating younger women acts as a major trigger towards dating them.

#3 Younger women are perkier

Younger women have better bodies (yet again, harsh but true). They are fitter, more active and are not set in their ways. They are ready to explore things which women older to them might not approve of. Younger women are more receptive to experimentation. This gives older men good reasons to be with them.

#4 Younger women are easier to dispose of

First off R.I.P. Hugh 🙁
Younger women, not all and when compared to older ones, may have plenty of options to go around and could be all right with dating and ditching men. They still have most of their lives in front of them and hence they may not be looking for long-term relationships. This makes them easier to date and ditch (unacceptable but true) and therefore, they become the targets for the older men.