This Russian Photoshop Master’s Skills Will Blow Your Mind

In our modern life, smartphones and editing software make it too easy to edit your images as you want. But Max Asabin a digital artist and retouching master’s work is really amazing. He is from Russia and layers multiple images on top of each other and by joining all these layers he makes something incredible. He does this amazing work by trimming the edges of each photo, adding shadows and highlights, and adjusting the overall color to make it look extra realistic. By using this technique he can easily create breathtaking scenes of anyone and of any type. He worked for digital skills for years to get perfection in his work.
Max has gained over 35 thousand followers on DeviantArt, where he frequently uploads his work, since his latest piece – Sleepless. Users of Social media really appreciate his work. Max is also available for commissioned work, so drop him a line if your old family photos need a supernatural twist.
Let’s take a look at his work.