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These People Should Be Banned From Parking Lots

When You Back Up A Little Too Fast In That Three Story Parking Garage

Don’t ya just hate it when this happens to you?

When You’re Trying To Park On A Giant Cement Ball And Bicycles get In The Way

Excuse me, Sir… I think those balls were put there to block your vehicle from that zone. But whatever you were attempting, it was done with perfection.

Nailed It

When they said it was door-to-door delivery I had no idea they actually meant this.

It’s No Parking On That Side But Look, There’s A Nice Boulder We Can Park On

And they were already riding on a spare tire?! This poor Nissan has seen better days.

If You’re Wealthy Enough To Own This Car You Should Be Smart Enough To Park It

Hey, nimrod, the spaces in this parking garage are assigned for those who know how to drive.