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These People Should Be Banned From Parking Lots

It’s not just women drivers or the elderly. Sometimes parking a car can be very challenging. You won’t believe the extremely hilarious and WTF parking fails.

It All Starts With One Idiot And The Rest Follow Suit

Apparently, being a terrible driver and a worse parker can be contagious. Who knew.

Some People Just Deserve To Be Towed

Are you kidding? It Says ‘No Parking’ right there as you exit your car!

It Looks Like The Wong’s Are Home From Vacation, There’s Their Car

Clearly someone is unhappy about the neighbors always parking in their spot.

Jolly Good Parking, Sport

It looks like rain and nobody else took the covered parking space. Must be my lucky day!

And For Our Next Performance…Stunt Parking

Ewww… It looks like he cleared the fence and the hedges but just missed the last two cars in the row.