Ten Men Describe The Most Memorable Orgasm They’ve Ever Experienced

4. The Porn Star 

“I found myself in a weird corner of the internet while looking at porn and I’m not entirely sure how I got there or why. But I masturbated to the kind of stuff that made me want to set my laptop on fire afterwards. Never again.” — Jake, 26

5. Timing is Everything 

“Literally had her parents walk in on us as I finished. It couldn’t have been more perfect timing if it were a movie, I’m serious. It was during college and we were on holidays. I went to visit my then-girlfriend at her parent’s place and I think we got way too used to the privacy of school and didn’t really think about her family coming home. Her mum came into her bedroom to tell her something and I’m literally inside her daughter making that ‘oooh’ noise. It was awful. She slammed the door and my girlfriend and I agreed it was best that I leave for now.” — Lucas, 28

6. Tainted Love 

“The woman I was with put her fingers on my taint, right before orgasm. I didn’t know it at the time, but apparently, it’s a thing. The orgasm was insane. It was really weird, for sure. Very different and very intense, but weird. I think partially because I wasn’t expecting it.” — Marc, 29