Teachers Reveal The Absolute Worst Parents They’ve Ever Had To Deal With

Being a teacher has to be one of the most difficult, yet rewarding jobs. You’d assume the most irritating things teachers have to deal with would be the kids in their classes. Whether it be children who just refuse to cooperate and insist on mouthing off or just completely disobey everything you say. However, it turns out the biggest headaches teachers have to deal with are not the kids, but their parents! Here are 16 parents who would be every teacher’s worst nightmare.


Talk about taking things a little too far.

Parent and child had a complaint about grading on a minor assignment. Parent emailed me, the principal, Board of Education, and Barack Obama. No reply from anyone, except the principal. – Dkl415

Talk about living out your dreams through your child.

For a while I worked as a horseback riding instructor teaching beginning lessons. Our students were usually aged 6-10. While the nervous parents could be annoying (but understandable), the worst were the parents that were reliving old riding careers through their children.

One woman rode competitively when she was growing up and insisted that her seven year old son rode as well. He didn’t enjoy riding much and whispered to me that he would rather play baseball. He was also incredibly allergic to horses – his eyes would swell up, his nose would run, and he was miserable. After a few lessons and realizing the problem, we told the woman that we weren’t willing to make her child so uncomfortable. – Honeynut11