Say No More: Why The Barber Is The Best Meme Right Now

Know your meme! The Barber, also called Just F*ck Me Up, was actually born from Twitter beef between Tyler, the Creator and Miley Cyrus. After Miley debuted a bold, new hairstyle in 2012, the rapper tweeted that Cyrus went to the barber and said “Hey, I wanna do something different… f*ck me up real quick.”

Two years later, various online influencers started posting pictures of people with bad or distinct haircuts with fake conversations they may have had with their barber. The many versions of this meme soon became viral hits as well as one of the most popular internet trends of the past year.

Nothing like a nice relaxing drive in the country.

Why so serious, mom? Don’t like my fresh cut?

Who Lives in a Pineapple on Top of Your Head?

This kid better watch out for squirrels with that cut.

This was one of the original examples of the barber meme after the Miley/ Tyler, the Creator incident.