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People Who Have Actually Met President Obama Share Their Impressions

22-Year-Old Obama

I’ll start by saying that I disagree with much of what Obama has done as President.

I can’t talk about the president, but I can speak about the 22-year-old Barack Obama. We worked in the same little company and I was his editor.

He wrote a few articles on interest rate swaps for my newsletter, the Business International Money Report, which was aimed at treasurers and CFOs of multinational corporations. It was Barack’s first job out of Columbia, and he wrote about it (in not particularly flattering terms) in Dreams of My Father.

Barack was quiet, thoughtful and kind. He treated everyone respectfully, regardless of their age, position or seniority.

There was heavy partying going on at that little company, but Barack actually left at the end of the day and didn’t socialize with his co-workers outside of the office. He was polite, helpful, and had zero attitude.

I don’t think he found the work particularly engaging, but he didn’t complain about it. I liked him. I think everyone did.

-Dan Armstrong