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‘Is *BJ* One Word Or Two?’ 10 Answers That Are SO Funny!

It all started when I googled whether it’s ‘blowjob’ as one word or ‘blow job’ as two words for a story that I wanted to write. You know, we’re writers and we HAVE to be grammatically correct all the time. Yeah, it’s a lot of pressure but anyway while I was searching for that, I found a Twitter thread on how to correctly spell blow job and man it’s THE most hilarious thing I have read in a really long time.

The twitteratis went all cray cray and gave some hysterical answers when a girl, Denise, tweeted this:

Followed by this tweet, here are 10 other tweets that answered the question – Is it ‘blowjob’ one word or ‘blow job’ two words? – in the funniest way possible.


Oh yeah, that’ll be totally AWKWARD!