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Freaking Crazy Headlines That You Have To See To Believe

The headline is arguably the most important factor of an article. It’s what initially lures the readers in – hell, it’s probably the reason you’re reading this right now (please don’t leave now as a sign of protest). Headlines are limited to just a small number of words, and therefore, writers will use several techniques such as humour, puns, alliteration or other word play devices to try and hook the reader. The most important things to remember though when writing a headline are brevity and clarity.

However, headlines by definition can never tell the full story. On many occasions using a small number of words has resulted in some of the most bizarre and hilarious article titles in history. Just try and compare the iconic 1969 headline, “Men Walk On Moon” with the eyebrow-raising, “Federal Agents Raid Gun Shop, Find Weapons”. One thing’s for sure; if you saw any of these headlines in your local newspaper, you’d definitely read on.

“Agent Jumps Into River To Save Immigrant, Swims Him Back To Mexico”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… that’s just poetic.


“Cuba Running Low On Beer As Thirsty US Tourists Descend”

That’s right, blame America.