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Demolitions Gone Wrong, Terribly Wrong

Beer Brewery Storage Facility – Brisbane, Australia

The over 50-year-old storage facility was set to be demolished because it was no longer maintainable and needed to be replaced completely. It had previously been a storage facility for a beer brewery. The team gathered 220 pounds of explosives but when they blasted the building, the silo didn’t topple over. It stood at an angle, for almost an hour until a man with a jackhammer got the unsafe building to fall completely down. Several people filming the blast were injured but nobody was killed.


Apartment Building – Liuzhou, China

A Chinese real estate company had purchased the property and had planned to tear down the 22-story building to make room for a bigger project. They gathered their explosives then detonated them. Nothing happened. They tried once more, expecting that now the building would come crashing down, but only half of it came to the ground. The other half remained standing at a slant. For safety reasons, several cranes were brought in quickly to complete the job.