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Demolitions Gone Wrong, Terribly Wrong

Springfield Power Station – Idaho

In 2019, the Springfield Power Station was scheduled to demolish the 300-foot chimney. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as they had planned. The chimney fell in the opposite direction. People nearby or watching the destruction were forced to scramble to escape harm. It crashed down on two 12,000 volt power lines and then crashed into a building housing backup generators. Luckily, no one was injured in this demolition.


Three Story Building – Lipetsk, Russia

In June of 2013, a Russian man was working on a crew that was tearing down a three-story building in a courtyard of a hardware store. They were using steel cabling and a bulldozer to do the job. One of the employees at the store was filming the demolition. Before the crew began, they failed to make sure there were no people around the site. As the building tumbled down, pieces of rubble in big chunks sprayed in every direction. The man filming and another worker were kill when they were hit by flying debris.