Creepy Celebrity Stalker Stories

Steven Spielberg

Spielberg had endured another stalker just a few years before Napoli began harassing him. In 1998, John Norman was sentenced to 25 years in prison after being caught at the directors home with duct tape and handcuffs. He had threatened to rape Spielberg in front of his wife, but Spielberg was away from his home when Norman was caught inside. At the trial, Spielberg claimed that he believed that he would have been raped and killed had he and his family been at home when Norman was caught inside his bedroom.

Uma Thurman

Turman’s stalker was sentenced to 3 years probation and psychiatric treatments after sending disturbing packages to the actress at her home. Jack Jordan was convicted of aggravated harassment and stalking in 2008 after he admitted showing up at her home, contacting her relatives and leaving disturbing notes including a photo of a headless bride. Uma and her family all testified at his trial.


#13 Jack Jordan

Jordan was arrested again in 2011 for violating his five-year probation and restraining order by trying to contact Thurman once again. He was then sentenced to 7 years in lockup in a mental institution pending his progress. In court, he tried to escape but was captured by police before getting away.

Sandra Bullock

It was in January of 2014 when a crazed fan named Joshua J. Corbett broke into her home to terrorize the famed actress. She was sleeping when she heard someone in the house and woke in time to see Corbett trying to locate her bedroom and his inside a closet with her cell phone to call 911. She told police how to gain entry into her house and the operator kept her on the line until they arrived.


Joshua J.Corbett

In his numerous love letters to Bullock, Corbett called the actress his wife and her son Loius their son. When police searched his home later, they discovered 30 illegally owned guns of all types. However, the information could not be used against him in the trial because the information had apparently been obtained illegally and his rights were reportedly violated while in custody. He pled not guilty to all charges.