Creepy Celebrity Stalker Stories

Ricardo Lopez

As Lopez awaited the arrival of his parcel to get to Bjork, he videotaped himself for 36 hours. The long video ends with Lopez committing suicide by shooting himself. Police discovered his body after four days, leaving only one day to intercept the package en route to Bjork. British detectives were able to intercept the bomb and the singer did not find out about the incident for days, learning about it on the news.

Taylor Swift

Her stalker threatened to kill any man who came between them. Timothy Sweet believed that he and the pop singer were married and that he needed to protect his wife from the leeches in the music business. But then he began sending her disturbing letters, emails, and social media posts. At one point he threatened the life of US Secretary Of State, John Kerry because she had been photographed with the official. In 2014 she was granted a 3-year restraining order against Sweet only after he threatened to kill her parents.

Jodie Foster

One of the most well-known celebrity stalker cases in history, Jodie Foster, who was young at the time, got the attention of a crazed man who would stop at no lengths to impress her. John Hinckley Jr. attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981. The 25-year-old was placed in a hospital after he shot the president, having been deemed by a court that he was not guilty by reason of insanity.


John Hinckley Jr.

After being in the hospital for a year, he continued to stalk the actress through letters and poems. One of the poems sent to the courts said, “I think I’ll stab you first, deep into your bloody heart, it should quench my thirst.” Hinckley was released in 2016 from a government mental institution after 35-years in lockup. He is now in a half-way house that is under surveillance and he is required to wear a security ankle bracelet and check in with probation and mental health officers weekly.

Jennifer Love-Hewitt

Diana Napolis accused Jennifer Love-Hewitt of being part of a Satanic conspiracy. She had confronted the actress at an awards ceremony and told the actress that she was using mind controlling technology to persudae people to do Satan’s bidding. Napoli was arrested for making death threats and stalking in 2003 after she was also accusing director Steven Spielberg of running a Satanic cult that several celebrities wer a part of. She claimed that Spielberg had inserted a “soul cathing” microchip in her brain. He filed a restraining order in 2001 and after spending time in a psychiatric hospital she confessed to her stalking of the director, Love-Hewitt, and three other actors. She was sentenced to five years probation.