Adult Toy Store Employees Share Their What Their Jobs Are Really Like

Let’s be honest, going to an adult toy store for the first time can be nerve-racking! While everyone will have different experiences, for most people, there will be at least a little bit of apprehension. Like, how does some of that stuff even work? Or perhaps your biggest fear will be what the super friendly people working in the store will think about you. We get it, we know talking openly and honestly about your sex lives and the things you like in the bedroom with a complete stranger can be a little daunting.

And if it’s that scary for you, can you imagine what it must be like for them? Completely normal, as it turns out — it is their job, after all. Like all jobs, there is a lot to learn from working at a sex shop, and thanks to Whisper we’ve got 16 adult store employees sharing their workplace secrets.

I will Judge you

I work in a sex shop and I will judge you on what brand of lube you buy.

Just relax and enjoy!

I work in a sex shop. I've seen it all. Your fantasies are normal. You're not the only one. As long as everyone is having fun and no one is really getting hurt. Just relax and enjoy!