911 Dispatchers Tell All: Our Craziest Calls Ever

The Holidays

I'm a 911 dispatcher.

Today I handled two suicide calls and six custody issues in my 12 hour shift.

I absolutely despise the holidays.

Non Emergency calls

I'm a 911 operator. 
I'm amazed how many people call the emergency line for stupid things like fireworks. One woman calling for her husband, not breathing, took 8 mins to get thru due to IDIOTS!

Arguing with me is not the smartest thing to do.

I'm a 911 operator!
Don't argue with me when you call and ask for help! 
Just answer the damn questions!

Not sure there is much we can do.

I'm a 911 dispatcher and just got a cardiac arrest call but turns out it was a lady's GOLDFISH!! She was also attempting CPR.