8 Legal Things That Should Be Illegal.

Being Interrupted During a Serious Conversation.

Every serious conversation in a friend’s circle is a joke and yes we do need a law enforcement to keep going on telling the misery of life without interruption.

Old People Driving.

No comments for this one. The gif defines it all.

Couples Making Out In Public.

This definitely should be made illegal. If making-out lasts more than a minute it gets awkward to roam around and may hurt the sentiments of single people. The worst of all – these people keep the way blocked.

Farting In A Bus.

Sitting in all closed bus and suddenly that deadly odor enters in your nose like someone shitted right in your lap and you can’t escape. Don’t laugh…!!! this could kill you and may suffocate you till you land in hell. Is someone out there hearing…????? MAKE IT ILLEGAL..!

Honking Like A Maniac.

Everyone is familiar with this irritating situation. Honk Honk ! More Honk Honk ! Even More Honk Honk ! and there goes that irritating driver getting cursed all the way on the road. I’ll vote for anyone who promises me to make it illegal.