7 Mistakes You Might Be Making While Going Down On Him!

Not making it a “wet” blow job

Um, how to say this without sounding gross… The thing is, there’s nothing delicate or elegant about going down on a guy. It’s messy – and the wetter the better. Not only does the additional lubrication from more saliva feel good for him but it also makes things easier for you – because, if nothing else, you’ll definitely be able to wrap things up sooner. 😛


Not touching other parts of him

It’s not just his penis that’s an erogenous zones. A guy’s butt, his testicles, his thighs – all of these are sensitive parts worthy of attention. Even holding his hand increases the sense of intimacy between the two of you, and heightens the pleasure. Feel free to let your hands roam a bit. And no harm encouraging him to explore with his hands too – it’s usually nice to be touched.