7 Mistakes You Might Be Making While Going Down On Him!

The one thing that’s pretty much universally true about going down on a guy is this: he probably loves it. And we hope that if you’re performing oral sex on someone, you enjoy it as well. Which is why we bring you a few tips on making the experience more awesome for both you and him – a few oral sex mistakes to avoid!

Not using your hands

Yes, people do go on and on about deep-throating and what an amazing thing it is to take him fully into your mouth. But it’s not a rule. Use your hands on his shaft if you’re feeling overwhelmed – or otherwise too, since you have more control and can vary the pressure. He’ll barely even notice – let alone complain – and you don’t have to kill yourself trying too hard.


Not taking a break when you need it

His pleasure is important, sure. But so is your comfort. Blow jobs are taxing – your jaw aches, your neck gets stiff, and sometimes it’s just something you don’t feel like continuing endlessly. Take a break whenever you need it. And it’s completely okay too stop too, if you’re feeling tired or blah about the whole thing.