Signs Your Woman Doesn’t Respect You As A Man

If the subject line of this post grabbed your attention, it’s probably because you’ve been there before.
You were crazy about a particular woman, and what do you know? She actually went out with you. What’s more, she actually became your girlfriend.
Maybe she was even as hot for you as you were for her…at least at first.
But over time, as things became more, shall we say, “familiar”, you started getting the sneaking suspicion that she was sort of taking you for granted.
In fact, you got the feeling that she fully expected you to stick around forever regardless of what she did or didn’t do for you.
She had clearly grown complacent. She had gotten used to keeping you around without having to exert much effort.
You just weren’t much of a “challenge” anymore.
And you know what? I realize this is going to sting a bit…but that can only mean she was losing respect for you.
That’s right. You’ve heard of the “Just Be Friends Zone”? Well, you had been banished to the “No Respect Zone”. And as you probably found out, it’s every bit as deep a pit to climb out of.
Now, before you start throwing rocks at your computer monitor and/or slam your iPad to the floor, here are ways to tell if what I’m bring up here really applies to you or not.

That’s right. Here are a few quick signs that a woman is losing respect for you—or has completely lost it already: