Here Is Everything You Should Know About Melania Trump

While Donald Trump is an extrovert, Melania Trump is an introvert. While the US president-elect is brash and impulsive, the incoming first lady is composed and restrained.

The 46-year-old, who is almost a quarter century younger than her other half, is not a self-promoter and keeps her cards close to her chest. Unlike Michelle Obama, who is a bona fide social-media sensation — with a burgeoning Snapchat account and 7.7 million Instagram followers and counting — the Slovenian former model is a comparative recluse. She has just 409,000 Twitter followers and rarely gives interviews to the press. In turn, the public is left with a highly glamorous, elusive sidekick to make sense of.

Melania Trump, however, has had her fair share of headlines and is arguably better known for her controversies than her persona. She was accused of plagiarizing Michelle Obama in her address at the Republican National Convention. The New York Post republished a nude photo of the former model on its cover during the campaign.