15 Paranormal Insurance Policies You Won’t Believe Exist

Ghost Insurance

With the advent of cable shows and websites that document sightings and hauntings, ghosts have become a prime-time event these days. This is not to say that the phenomenon wasn’t there before, but you might say it’s more popular in the public eye after the increased TV and internet exposure.

With that comes a lot of fear as well, and some people are genuinely concerned, especially if they believe they have a haunting in their house. As a result, some insurance carriers across the globe now offer policies to protect against a threat of ghosts, either physical, emotional, or financial. Insurance companies are also insuring theme-type haunted houses in the event that there’s some sort of casualty or injury during business hours. Shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghosts Adventures have also secured public liability and professional indemnity coverage for ghost attacks on behalf of their staff working on ghost hunts.