15 Death Scenes Of TV Characters Killed Off Due To Actor Problems

Chef – South Park

When Trey Parker and Matt Stone decide to kill off a cast member in South Park, they do it with pizazz. After Isaac Hayes, the voice of Chef, voiced his concern with how the show treated the church of Scientology, of which he is a member, he would take a full departure from the show. Hayes suggested that the show had become fully intolerant and not satirical at all. The South Park creators were obviously not happy with this decision claiming that Hayes had no problem making fun of other religions, but when it came to his own, he wanted there to be a double standard. To kill him off after his departure, the South Park writers had him turn into a brainwashed child molester, fall off a bridge that was struck by lightning and land on the ground below. While on the ground, he was mauled and dismembered by a bear and a mountain lion. After this, the character soiled himself to signify that he had finally died.