15 Creepiest Things That Ever Happened On Live TV

The LA Riots

The L.A. Riots were a series of riots initiated by the videotaped violent arrest of Rodney King, by the LAPD police. Over the course of five days in late April 1992, people took to the streets of Los Angeles to loot, set fire and cause civil disorder due to the well-documented incident of police brutality and corruption. With an estimated property damage of over $1 billion dollars, the incidents took place all over television, predating the street protests of Ferguson by two decades. Throughout the five days of unrest and violence, the media took to the streets to bring the riots into the homes of Americans. The focus being on the violence and acts committed specifically against the Korean immigrants usurping nearly all focus from the outraged response about the acquittal of the police officers who had viciously beat Rodney King. While over a decade removed from the live protests of the anti-war counterculture and civil rights movements of the 1970s, the moment on time felt like a revival of old fears for a new age.