Classic Rock & Roll Bands Who Have Been Around For Over 40 Years!

ZZ Top

Some people respectfully refer to them as “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas”. The band formed in 1969 in Texas. They’ve had the same 3 original members for 45 years! In the first two years there were other members but they got called to serve in the military.

They were going to call themselves ZZ King to honor BB King but changed their minds as it sounded too much like BB King. They kept the ZZ but changed King to “Top” because BB King was at the “top” of the blues charts.

Each band member originally came from other local Texas bands.

Ironically, Frank Beard is the only member of the band that doesn’t have a beard.

Dusty Hill grew his beard out first while on vacation. Bill Gibbson eventually started to grow his out too…and although it wasn’t planned, Billy decided to keep his once he realized that Dusty wasn’t getting rid of his. So that’s the story behind their “signature” look.

Frank Beard, Billy Gibbons, and Dusty Hill were all born in 1949 which makes them 67 years old in 2016.

ZZ Top was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. They hold the record for being the only American band to keep the original members for over 30 years

Billy Gibbons the guitarist and singer, said “Same three guys, same three chords”.