The 15 Hottest Women On Every ‘Top Hottest Women’ List

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara has been in the business a long time, but didn’t become widely recognized until she took on the role of Gloria in ABC’s Modern Family in 2009, a role for which she was nominated for an Emmy Award from 2010 to 2013 and increased her popularity ten-fold. Since then, she has landed on a few of those hottest women lists, including People’s list of “50 Most Beautiful People.” Her good looks are undeniable; in fact, she was actually randomly scouted on a beach because of her looks in the first place! Her curves and hourglass figure are especially praised. However, Vergara says that in some ways, her good looks have worked against her, saying, “I can’t just play an ordinary girl. So I try to find roles which will let me capitalize on my looks and my personality and advance my career that way.” In any case, we will be seeing Vergara on these lists for at least a few more years, at least until she can no longer play the pretty woman part.