Man Robs $600 From The Bra Of 93-Year-Old Wheelchair-Bound Woman

A shameless thief snatched a bunch of cash from a 93-year-old woman’s bra as she sat in a wheelchair in one of her favorite East Harlem stores.

A surveillance video of the dastardly act shows the mugger with a man-bun casing the clothing store before casually lifting about $600 in cash from his helpless target on Wednesday afternoon.

Maria Vasquez had just cashed her Social Security check at her bank and was shopping for a new pair of sandals at Regines, a department store on E. 116th St. near Lexington Ave., about 12:20 p.m. when the pickpocket pounced.

Vasquez said she was watching her caretaker peruse the store’s remaining selection of summer shoes when she felt a hand grabbing at her chest.