15 Celebs Who Are Only Hot Because Hollywood Says So

Emma Stone

Don’t get us wrong: we think that Emma Stone is a cool girl and we enjoy her as much as the next person. We will watch just about any movie with her in it. But we think it is all the media hype around her that makes her so “hot.” In our opinion, we feel confident in saying she is a bit overrated. The media loves to label her as hot (a.k.a. cool), but we think that her hotness comes more from her image of being “quirky” or “interesting” and being associated with the Judd Apatow crowd. That said, Stone certainly has done some relatively good movies. But she also has movies like Easy A. If you were to take Stone and her “quirky” celebrity persona out of Hollywood that has been hyped by the media, she would just be any other actress. Not that we want her to ever leave Hollywood; indeed, we hope that she stays around for a while.