Turns Out These 7 Guilty Pleasures Are Amazingly Healthy For Women!

Not so guilty pleasures!

Everyone deserves a bit of indulgence sometimes. Whether that means eating an extra large chocolate bar or sleeping in until noon on a workday (after calling in sick), humans by nature crave pleasure. That pleasure can come in many forms, depending on who you are. You could have materialistic pleasures, you could be fueled by pleasures of the food variety or you could even get pleasure from some traditionally strange things. Abraham Maslow, the father of the human needs chart, says that we become fulfilled and “self-actualized” after adhering to basic human needs. Meaning that we all have more needs than just the basic; food, water, and shelter.

These needs tend to become categorized as “guilty pleasures” due to our societies emphasis on the basic needs. However, most women have fond that yourself in your guilty pleasures is actually healthy for you!