5 Reasons Daenerys Targyen’s Breasts Are Not Her Own On Game Of Thrones Season 6!

Many people (mostly creeps) are furious about Daenerys Targyen’s nude scene in Season 6 Episode 4 of Game of Thrones. They believe she used a body double instead of giving them a real show. Not sure what the problem is but here’s a couple reasons why Emilia Clarke isn’t stripping for GoT anymore.

First of all, Emilia Clarke is somewhat of a player. She’s gone through many men to get to who she’s married to today, Cory Michael Smith. Apparently, Smith is the jealous type. So jealous, that they have signed a prenuptial agreement that states if Emilia shows her body to the masses it will be considered cheating on Cory. He would receive half of what she has and divorce her. I guess the Mother of Dragons ain’t the only one with that fire. Guy sounds like a keeper.