15 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Affect A Man’s Performance In Bed

Most people consider a good s*x life to be one of life’s main pleasure and indicator of strong relationship. However defining the level s*xual satisfaction is not an easy to define. Things that can interfere in a man’s s*x life can range from eating habits to certain chronic habits.

Some of the smallest details add up to impact your s*xual pleasure with your partner. Let’s understand everyday activities that can put a bad spin on under the sheets and affect a man’s performance in bed:

Not Mast*rbating

Mast*rbation can help you identify the strokes, pressures and rhythms which take you high on ecstasy. Not indulging in this activity can hamper your s*xual life as you unable to recognize what turns you on. Self indulgence makes you understand your body well and hence improve your performance under the sheets.