Can You Spot The Hidden Mickey Mouse In These Popular Disney Films?

It’s a Disney tradition that has been secretly carried out for decades; never publicly acknowledged and is now a near obsession for fans: Finding hidden Mickeys.

Animators and theme park designers have long been incorporating hidden Mickeys into their work, giving fans the chance to try and spot the iconic mouse surreptitiously planted in the background of modern movies and ride designs.

The practice is now so widespread that finding Mickey is considered a sport among Disney lovers with entire websites set up to document the hidden icon.

“Usually they consist of three circles drawn to represent Mickey’s head and ears but can even go as far as planting Mickey, Goofy et al in a crowd scene.”

Can you spot the hidden Mickeys in our favorite Disney films below? Try finding them before scrolling all the way to the end for the reveal.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Hidden Mickey Mouse In Disney Movie 7

“Okay, so we know this shot of Dopey is kind of silly, but we spotted one of the first hidden Mickeys ever!”