14 Security Checks That Probably Went That Little Too Far

Airport security hate me. Fact. I only say this because EVERY single time I go on holiday I get stopped by the guards. I’m not a criminal or anything I promise, they just can’t get enough. It often has something to do with me forgetting to “separate my liquids” or the underwire in my bra setting off the sensors. Well, that’s what they tell me.

In short, I’m always setting off the security alarms or getting selected for a random check. I must have one of those suspicious looking faces. Even though I’m obviously innocent, for some reason each time I get stopped I suddenly feel like I’ve done something wrong and my cheeks get all flushed. I’m sure that the people within this article feel my pain. They were all stopped by airport security and their thorough inspections probably left them feeling a whole heap of embarrassment…