The Most Awkward Things Witnessed In A School Classroom!

Sex Ed

“In seventh grade we were watching breast exam videos. Now this required a great deal of maturity on our end that admittedly, we all failed, when the doctor checking this (beautiful) woman’s breasts turned to the camera and smiled and gave a thumbs up. We fell out pretty hard at that one. As the teacher is trying to get this entirely male class to calm down (they segregated sex ed), someone starts actually screaming and freaking out and shouting “HOLY SHIT LOOK AT *****!”

Turns out, over in the corner, “that kid”, was going to fucking TOWN on his junk. In a way none of us had ever seen before. Just mangling it, viciously, in the corner. You know that Dave Chapelle skit about being held hostage by a masturbator on a bus? This was like that. No one knew what to do, everyone froze. Then…he just sat down, pants still half off, bright red, and started sobbing.

So that.”