Guy Gets Dumped On National TV And It’s Beyond Awkward

I feel like I’m writing quite a lot of articles recently about breakups and relationship fails and it’s getting me down. Where is the love, world? Why can’t we all be nice to each other? Despite my cries for love and kindness however, I’m once again bringing you a saddening (but admittedly hilarious) breakup story.

Let me set the scene for you a little bit. You take your girl to the big game, move in for a cuddle – but wait. She’s not interested and she has something she needs to get off her chest… This sounds ominous. Dumped in the middle of a big date, not something any man wants to go through.

Somehow it manages to get worse, though. Television cameras have captured the whole sorry episode and you’ve became a national laughing stock.

Before you watch this, I think it’s important to make you aware that you’re about to feel incredibly sad for the guy – and more than a little hatred for the girl.

Oh my word, how much of a bitch is that girl? Not only does she dump the poor guy on national television, but she does it with all the tenderness of a rock. The look on her face while he comprehends what’s going on is like something out of an American soap opera. Pure evil.

I love a bit of drama, so here is the hilarious moment a woman made her boyfriend full on puke using just a bogey. Disgusting but brilliant.