People Are Sharing The Last Texts They Received From Their Exes And It’s Savage

As humans, we grow close to so many people throughout our lives, whether they’re friends, lovers, soul mates or family members.

However, there also comes a time where we must endure that final conversation with that person – the only problem is, most of the time, we never see it coming.

There is a Tumblr account called ‘The Last Message Received‘, where people post the last message they have with somebody whom they used to be close with, and yet never spoke to again, whatever the reason may be.

In a way, it’s a strange modern-yet-haunting reminder of that certain somebody we struggle to say that final goodbye to.


“My long-distance boyfriend and I talked on the phone every night before we went to sleep. We were in the middle of our nightly phone call when a friend stopped by his place. He asked if he could call me back in a few minutes. I fell asleep while waiting for him to call me back. His final phone call and text at 12:40am was the last message I received from him. He died of a seizure in the middle of the night. I never said goodnight or “I love you” for the final time. I still feel such guilt, anger and sadness about this, even after all these years.”