Little Girl Gives Ultimate Response To Test Question And It’s Going Mega Viral

If you need a laugh (or twelve) today, I strongly advise you to Google “children’s funniest test answers”. Equipped with amazing imaginations and an incredible sense of logic, children really do say some of the funniest things. Thankfully, before you dive onto your search engine of choice, we’ve got a hilarious kid who just couldn’t resist turning the air blue on her latest test.

Rumbled by one of her parents, they uploaded a photo of their child’s answer to Reddit, captioning the amusing mishap “I too have a daughter going places”.

Here is the offending question in all its hilarious glory


Don’t worry little lady, we all have a lot of shit to deal with. The best part of the whole story for me is that she sort of got the question right. I know the question asks for “this”, but we can’t deny that “shit” is also a correct unscrambling of the word. Thankfully, it’s not only tests where kids release all their funny; this child manages to turn a routine family photo into a viral smash.