Hilariously Obnoxious Fridge Notes People Left Their Co-Workers

Recently, my life appears to be a lot like that Rhianna song. All I do is work work work work and the rest of the time I have no idea what it going on. However, I take comfort in the knowledge that I am not alone. Even if you like your job, there are times when all of us get overcome with an unrelenting feeling of boredom. However, there are simple things that each and every one of us can do to keep ourselves entertained – like writing highly obnoxious notes on and in your company’s refrigerator for your co-workers.

The workplace fridge is a breeding ground for out-of-date food and horrendous smells. I was told that you should never cry over split milk and someone should tell these angry employees that. Clearly they have been taking some inspiration from Ross Geller’s sandwich message with hilarious consequences …

Forever Desperate, Single And Alone