15 office prank ideas to show your coworkers who’s really the boss

Trick everyone into thinking a bug is loose in the office.

If you’re the type of person who avoids bugs as much as humanly possible, who’s extent of “dealing with it” is to trap the bug and leave it there for someone else to squash, you are not the only one. Why not play into that fear by making it seem like you trapped a creepy-crawly last night but oh no, it looks like the thing has gotten out.

After this, nobody will be putting their feet down on the ground unless they absolutely have to.

14. Put googly eyes on everything in the office fridge.

This great dad did it to his family, and you can do it to your office. All it requires is purchasing adhesive googly eyes and then some alone time with the office fridge. Watch as your coworkers get their lunches under the extreme discomfort of a whole fridge-full of eyes.

15. Pretend every bathroom is out of order.

This prank works best if there are multiple different bathrooms in your office. All you need to do is print out and attach an “Out of Order: Use Other Bathroom” sign on both bathrooms. Your poor coworkers will not know what to do.