15 office prank ideas to show your coworkers who’s really the boss

4. Bring your coworkers some “doughnuts.”

You’re taking a larger risk with this one, as this prank effects the entire office rather than just one particular person. But if you’re afraid of potential future backlash, you could always just stay anonymous. The anonymous colleague who wants everyone to eat a little healthier on April Fools’.

5. Wrap everything at your coworker’s desk, including their desk.

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This one is directly out of the book of Jim Halpert, although he took the extra cruel step of completely replacing Dwight’s desk and chair with cardboard so that it collapsed when Dwight attempted to actually use them. You can just stick to covering everything with wrapping paper that’s already there.

6. Flood your coworker’s computer with an annoying video.

Simple, easy, and you get to choose the weapon of torture, whether it’s a rick roll or the peanut butter jelly time song.