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15 Dumbest Things The Cash Me Ousside Girl Has Put On Social Media

Fit Tea Endorsement

So it makes sense that Danielle will do everything she can to make some money on her fifteen minutes of fame. While that’s a given, we’d at least hope that her managers would at least be a little more creative. In a recent Instagram video, she posts a quick video of her perched on her kitchen cabinet wearing the same loungewear she always wears, chewing gum and “demanding” that people use Fit Tea. I’m not sure who should be more ashamed, Danielle for sinking to that level of shameless promotion, or Fit Tea for thinking she’d be a good endorser. Someone at least needs to find better products for her to endorse, because this doesn’t even come close to realistic.

I guess when you have a verified Instagram account, you’ve got to make the most of your followers.

Made Oreo Jam with Logan Paul

Logan Paul has become increasingly popular with his vlog, as evidenced by his nine million followers! Recently, he decided to make some Oreo jam and invited young Danielle to assist him with the project. From the beginning, she started showing off in the grocery store and it only escalated from there. You can certainly tell that he is trying to be a good sport, but when she starts going crazy in his kitchen, making a mess and not having anything resembling focus on the task, it just about gets to be too much.

He commented more than once that he should have known what to expect when he invited her to participate. But doesn’t it just seem very sad that no one has any kind of high expectation of how Danielle will act?

Instagram Posts With The Grill

Danielle has a very expensive looking gold grill that she seems to love to show off. She is frequently photographed and videoed with this grill in her mouth. One of her videos even shows her counting a bunch of singles (that’s a whole other issue) while making some ridiculous statement about the grill itself. The problem is that she’s not fooling anyone! This is a little girl from Florida that took care of her mother when she went through chemotherapy. She’s not fooling anyone with this facade.

The truth is that Danielle just looks even more foolish with the grill and the hard acting persona. One day, she’ll likely look back on all this and laugh (provided that she doesn’t completely screw up her life early), but as for now, she’s generally pretty pleased with herself.

“Unofficial” Official Music Video

Everyone thought that rapper Kodak Black recruited Danielle to participate in the music video for his single “Everything 1K.” This is because Danielle published her own version of a music video to the song and referred to it as the official video. As a result, everyone assumed that this was the Kodak Black video. It turns out that it in fact was not his official video and just one that she decided to make herself since she liked the song and Kodak Black so much. Apparently, Kodak Black’s people asked her to take off the word “official” from her video, which gladly she did without any drama.

But the fact that this was just a kid’s homemade video having fun with a rap song makes the whole thing just a little more laughable.

Twitter Feud With Soulja Boy

Who on earth knows what led Danielle to Tweet rapper Soulja Boy out of the blue saying “F__ You?” It wasn’t particularly well received by Soulja Boy, who fired back at her with the same and so much more. This sparked a feud that honestly no one seems to really understand. But there’s really no need to air all that mess out on Twitter. The fact that she chose social media to put two little words out there for all to read either says she’s really as immature as we imagine, or it is just a big setup to keep her name out there.

Either way, it is ultra dumb and why bring Soulja Boy down to your level? She finally Tweeted back to him claiming to have made more money this week than he did last year (doubtful).