15 Car Cleaning Tips From Professionals That Will Amaze You

Cleaning The Tops Of The Windows

Another great use for vinegar is on your windows.It cleans without streaks and busts up the grime. One place most people forget to clean is the top portion of their windows, especially if they are rolled up so you can clean the window itself. But the tops get encrusted with hard to remove gunk. Wipe it clean in seconds with white vinegar.


Foam Brush

You use them for painting and cutting in the corners or edges, but these little sponge brushes are also great when it comes time to cleaning your car’s interior. Because it squashes up, it easily fits into tight spaces and can reach in and get dirt and gunk out of hard to reach areas like vents and built-in pockets. In particular, AC vents can get pretty filthy over time, but a few simple swipes of a foam brush can rid these vents of all the dust and dirt that may be inside. Another way to do this is with a can of compressed air that you would use to clean out your computer keyboard. Just blow out the dirt and you’re all good.