15 Car Cleaning Tips From Professionals That Will Amaze You

Olive Oil Cleaning

There are actually tons of uses for olive oil, besides cooking of course. It makes an amazing cleaner as well. Knowing which cleaners are safe to use on leather interiors is confusing, but don’t worry, olive oil will work amazingly well. Just dab some on a cloth and wipe down your leather for a beautiful, not greasy, shine. Mix a very little with white vinegar to use on vinyl or plastic for the same results.


Hair Conditioner

Car wax is expensive and there are so many different types on the shelves that it’s hard to figure out which is best. Well, forget that. The next time you decide your car needs a glossy shine, grab the hair conditioner from the shower and go for it. That’s right, hair conditioner can keep your car looking clean and shiny, just like it does for our hair. Just pour some in a towel and work in a circular motion on the car to achieve a wonderful shine. However, make sure the hair conditioner you use contains lanolin, and don’t grab the shampoo or you’ll have a mess that won’t be easily removed. But lanolin oil is the key to a shiny exterior.