12 Real-Life Scandals That Got Actors Written Out Of Shows

Bad behavior, bad attitudes, bad blood, bad luck – there are any number of things that can lose an actor their place at the catering table. Here are twelve of the more memorable times that networks tore up the contract.

Desperate Housewives – Nicollette Sheridan

After being cut from the cast of Desperate Housewives, Sheridan filed a lawsuit against the show’s creator Marc Cherry alleging assault, and claiming that she had been fired for bringing this assault to the attention of the network.

At the eventual court hearing, the assault charge was dismissed and, subsequently, Sheridan’s claim of wrongful dismissal was rejected. She has been pursuing the case through the appeals courts since then.


Lost – Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros

One Dec 1, 2005, both Michelle and Cynthia were cited in Hawaii (where Lost was filmed) for driving under the influence. Michelle had already served time for DUI before and been arrested three times for speeding in Hawaii while filming the show. While producers claimed her character Ana-Lucia was only ever intended to be on the show for a year and was about to get killed off anyway, it was quite the coincidence that she got the heave-ho in the same episode as co-star and fellow drink-driver Cynthia.